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Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, is a beautiful beach located in the rural part of the province of Havana. Its beautiful white sands are cradled on one side by the cliffs, which rise dozens of meters and lodge a lush flora, and on the other side by the warm and crystalline ocean.

The sea is the main attraction, with clear and shallow waters, full of marine life. There are coral beds, underwater grottos and tropical fish. Puerto Escondido occupies a prominent place in the list of professional and amateur divers. Anyway, if marine life does not go into the plans, there are many other adventures available. You can rent a rowboat, learn to sail or enjoy paragliding, sailing or kayaking. 
Other activities are horseback riding, hiking and renting a bicycle to explore this beautiful area. Day trips are fast and easy. In fact you can travel to the sister beaches of Puerto Escondido, Jibacoa, El Fraile, El Abra and Boca de Jaruco.

Site Features
Approximate distance from Havana: 70 Km
Depth max: 12m
Type of divin…