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Punta Perdiz

Punta Perdiz is an international dive center, where you can practice that nautical mode from the coast. This site has a great beauty and abundance of species of corals, gorgonians, sponges and schools of multicolored tropical fish. 

It is located on the southern coast of the province of Matanzas, in the Ciénaga de Zapata, between Playa Larga and Playa Girón. At 172 kilometers from Havana, 115 kilometers from the resort of Varadero, and 85 kilometers from the southern city of Cienfuegos, all significant points of the Cuban geography.Diving or snorkeling is practiced, with nearby fish cenote, or underwater caves to explore.

The dive site has a variety of more than 200 species of tropical fish and corals, and you can see the blue of fish surgeons, the contrast of the world's greatest sand sculptors, parrotfish, intimidating but harmless morays, snappers, grouper, Barracudas, rays and many more are part of a platform of no more 5 meters deep built by the greatest architects in the world…